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The Circassian Education Foundation was established and registered in 2005 in New Jersey and approved by the United States government as a charitable non-profit Foundation (501c3). Its mission is to promote education, culture, knowledge and acquisition of modern life skills to all Circassians in the USA and the world. It shall specifically emphasize the inspiration and support of children and youth toward higher education.

Over the past 18 years, our Foundation has awarded scholarships to over 650 college and university students with a value greater than $740,000 US Dollars. The overhead is extremely small and there are no paid employees. The Foundation work is done solely by unpaid volunteers. The great majority of donations go to the mission and the cause of supporting education.

Interest in promoting and encouraging education enjoys a high priority in the Circassian community. The Circassian tradition has extended a long way in emphasizing education and especially in investing time and effort in the education of children and youth. One of the major goals of the establishment of the Circassian Education Foundation is the promotion and facilitation of children and youth education. It is in response to all these inspirations that the Circassian Education Foundation took as its first and premier project to establish a scholarship program for the benefit of the Circassian youth in the USA. The scholarship program has been a story of great success, conducted with the highest level of professionalism and integrity. Other educational projects include the college savings matching program, the top university scholarship and various educational lectures and workshops in addition to the Circassian education endowment.

The Foundation collaborates with the Circassian Benevolent Association and all individuals and organizations interested in educational efforts. We would like to ask you to lend your support to the education of our children and youth. We hope that with our Foundation, education will continue to rise to the highest priority in our community.

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